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15 Ways to Describe the Taste and Texture of Food and Drink in English

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Are you an English learner who would like to improve your speaking skills and expand your vocabulary on the topic of food? Read on to learn 15 adjectives for describing the taste and texture of food and drink.

1. Stodgy 🍴

Very rich heavy food

I like pies, but they are quite stodgy.

2. Bitter 🍴

An unpleasant strong acidic flavour

Black coffee is very bitter.

3. Burnt 🍴

Food that has been cooked for too long, so it goes black

I hate burnt toast!

4. Crispy 🍴

Food that has a hard texture, but is easy to break

The crispy coating on fried chicken is delicious!

5. Crunchy 🍴

Food that has a firm texture and is noisy to eat

Raw carrots are crunchy.

6. Greasy 🍴

Food that has an oily coating or contains a lot of oil / fat

A lot of fried food is greasy.

7. Juicy 🍴

Food with a large amount of juice in it which tastes nice

Pears are my favourite fruit, because they’re so juicy!

8. Sweet 🍴

Tastes of sugar

I always have something sweet with a cup of tea, like a biscuit or piece of cake.

9. Salty 🍴

A high salt content / tastes of salt

Seaweed is naturally salty.

10. Savoury 🍴

Spicy or salty, instead of sweet

I prefer savoury dishes to sweet ones.

Note: In English we describe the two main types of food as savoury and sweet, NOT salty and sweet.

11. Spicy / hot 🍴

Contains spices which give the food an intense flavour

Mexican food is my favourite type of cuisine, because I love spicy dishes!

Vindaloo is a very hot curry.

12. Raw 🍴

Uncooked food

Eating raw eggs is unsafe.

13. Tasty 🍴

A nice taste and full of flavour

This cocktail was so tasty! I’m going to order another.

14. Tasteless 🍴

Little or no flavour

The soup is a bit tasteless, so I’ll add more herbs and spices to it.

15. Bland 🍴

Very little flavour

This meal is very bland. It doesn’t taste of anything.

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