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English Vocabulary: Advanced Adjectives to Describe People

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Do you find yourself using the same words to describe people, like kind, funny, etc.? Keep reading for 10 advanced adjectives to give you some alternatives when describing people and to help you expand your English vocabulary.

1. Level-headed

Someone who is calm and manages difficult situations well.

2. Meticulous 🤓

Extremely careful and detail oriented.

3. Happy-go-lucky 😀

A person who enjoys life and doesn’t worry about things or the future.

4. Highly strung 😟

Very tense, nervous and easy to upset.

5. Brainy (informal term) 🧠


6. Cocky (informal term) 😎

Overly confident; arrogant

7. Frivolous

Acts in a silly way and doesn’t take things seriously.

8. Stingy 💰

A person who doesn’t like spending money.

9. Selfless 😇

Someone who thinks and cares about other people, instead of themself.

10. Callous 👿

Cruel and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.

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