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Insults in British English

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Unfortunately in life, we don't get on with everyone, or we have those moments when even those nearest and dearest to us get on our nerves and certain choice words come to mind, such as "idiot".

This post will cover some common insulting terms and expressions used in the UK, which is just supposed to be a bit of lighthearted fun. Of course, it isn't nice to insult people and we have to be careful about the words we use, especially in particular situations and with certain people.

Much stronger insults also exist, which I haven't included, which would be considered swear / curse words.

Other terms for "idiot"

  • fool

  • numpty

  • plonker

  • prat

  • moron

  • clown

  • half-wit

  • muppet

Adjectives, meaning "stupid"

  • thick

  • dumb

  • dim

  • slow

Ways to describe people we have a low opinion of

  • scum / scumbag

  • arsehole / asshole (US)

  • toerag

  • loser

  • vermin

  • lowlife (suggests a dishonest, immoral nature)

Expressions which mean "unintelligent"

The lights are on, but no one's at home

Two sandwiches short of a picnic

Not the brightest spark

As thick as two short planks

Slow on the uptake - slow to understand something

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