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Other Terms for Describing the Weather in English

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

If you already know basic terms to describe the weather, like rainy, cloudy, sunny, etc. and would like to learn other alternatives, this post is for you.

Note: I speak British English. Some of these terms might be different in other variants of English, such as US English.

1. Overcast

= very cloudy

It’s been overcast all day, but at least it hasn’t rained.

2. Dismal / gloomy ☁

= dark, grey weather, which can make people feel miserable

What a dismal day! I really need some sunshine, to cheer me up!

3. Scorching / boiling / roasting 🥵

= extremely hot

It’s scorching today! Let’s go to the beach, where it will be a bit cooler.

4. Muggy

= uncomfortable warm weather, in which you can feel a lot of humidity / moisture

It’s so uncomfortable exercising in this muggy weather!

5. Stuffy

= uncomfortable heat, due to a lack of fresh air

Old buildings can get stuffy in summer time.

6. Drizzle (verb and noun) 🌂

= light rain

It’s drizzling at the moment, so you’d best take an umbrella when you go out.

7. Throw it down (slang term)

= when it rains very heavily

It’s absolutely throwing it down! Luckily, we don’t need to go out today.

8. Downpour ☔

= an episode of very heavy rain

Wow, what a downpour! The garden is completely soaked!

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