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Similar words: blame, fault, guilty

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

It's a horrible feeling when we've done something wrong. We feel guilty and notions of fault and blame are involved. This post will cover these similar words and try to clear up any confusion about them.

Blame / fault

When we think someone has done something wrong, we blame them, or we think that it's their fault.

Blame (someone for something) - verb

= think / say someone is responsible for a bad occurrence

He always blames me when things go wrong.

We can also say:

someone is to blame (for something)

They are to blame for all the confusion caused.

Be someone's Fault (noun)

= that person is responsible for something bad happening

It's Emma's fault that we lost the deal.

Be at fault can also be used.

I was at fault for losing my temper.

Guilty / Guilt

The person who is to blame or at fault can be called guilty as well. This often refers to breaking the law.

He is guilty of fraud.


Guilty (adjective) - an unpleasant feeling about having done something wrong.

I missed my friend's wedding, because of work. I feel so guilty!

Guilt (noun)

I can't get rid of this strong guilt I feel about the past.

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