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One-to-one Lessons

I'm an experienced certified (CELTA) online British English teacher for adult learners. I've been teaching English for about 10 years and have given over 3000 online lessons.

My classes include:

📝 speaking and conversation
📝 error correction
📝 grammar
📝 vocabulary

📝 pronunciation
📝 listening
📝 reading
📝 writing activities
📝 phonetics
📝 homework / self study

I provide structured English lessons, which involve working on grammar, speaking and listening skills, reading activities, plus writing exercises (if you're interested in that). I also help students to expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.

My lessons involve self-study, so you get more English practice, than just the time in lessons.

I teach students who need to study grammar areas or would like to refresh their grammar knowledge and we practise using the structures in an interactive way through speaking in lessons and clarify any doubts. I also help students to improve their speaking skills and expand their vocabulary by focusing on different topics in lessons,

I work well with students who feel nervous or lack confidence speaking in English. I am a very patient teacher, who provides a relaxed welcoming environment in my classes and if this describes you, I can help you to feel more confident about speaking in English.

I will correct your mistakes in lessons, in written and verbal form and will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses with English and the areas that need to be worked on.

**Unfortunately I don't teach children, because it isn't an area I specialise in.**

Lesson prices:

1 x 60 minute lesson -   $35 USD

5 x 60 minute lessons - $32 USD per lesson 

10 x 60 minute lessons - $30 USD per lesson

We'll arrange a schedule together for the days / times of the lessons.

Lessons will take place on Zoom and you'll be sent the link to join the lesson in advance.

* Lessons have to be paid for in advance.

* Lesson cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or the full lesson fee will be charged.

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